Agile Product Development at WOM

High motivation, better output, satisfied customers

27. November, 2020 General, Products, Research & Development

Software projects rarely end the way they were initially planned. The experience with the development of complex projects in medical technology shows: During the process, requirements often change unexpectedly and significantly. Rigid approaches are slow and costly in finding a solution. WOM therefore relies on a method that is designed to be flexible and allows for changes even during the course of the project: agile product development.

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Software Development in Medical Technology

WOM Employee René as a Federal Employment Agency Example

30. September, 2020 General, Trends Medical Technology, Work at WOM

Anyone who works in medical technology is working in an industry that is looking for skilled workers. German companies in particular are the European leaders. No wonder the German Federal Employment Agency wants to introduce potential occupational fields in medical technology to job seekers who are enthusiastic about medicine and technology. WOM employee René was happy to talk about his career and his professional life.

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