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From Operational Purchasing to Key Account Managers

17. January, 2020 Apprenticeships, Work at WOM

What jobs are there in a company like WOM? What are the activities and the training paths? All these questions are answered by the DR.MIC student newspaper.

Twelve different occupations in two locations are presented in detail. From human resources to equipment production, everything is there and training positions are also addressed in the newspaper. The aim is to give an insight into the corporate structure of WOM and to make young people aware of how diverse the working culture in our company is.

For this reason, the newspaper is published online, available in schools and universities, but also internally all trainees receive a copy.

12 Different Occupations in 2 Locations

Who could design a magazine for young people better than young people themselves? The DR.MIC school newspaper was therefore started by the student Hannah Lott, who wrote various articles on occupational groups at WOM in Berlin. The project was continued by trainee Philipp Kruse, who added further articles about the Ludwigsstadt location and took pictures as a budding media designer and crafted the newspaper’s design.

The interview partners also played an important role in the success of the project with Hannah Lott and Philipp Kruse taking this opportunity to thank all of the participant.

“What began as a project for student interns became a 20-page booklet that I’m very proud of.”

Philipp Kruse

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