Welcome to the Team: Four new trainees started at WOM

Fun at the climbing park to start things off

31. October, 2018 Apprenticeships, Work at WOM

Together in the climbing park

Jonas and Philip looked up spellbound: In the morning, they did not know each other yet, now they had already come together as a climbing duo. The new IT apprentice from Ludwigsstadt met new media designer apprentice from Berlin. Together with the two other new apprentices, the trainees of the later years, as well as the trainers, the two spent the day at the Waldkletterpark Kloster Banz. WOM thus continued its tradition of bringing together new and existing apprentices and welcoming them as new members of the “WOM family” right after the start of training at the beginning of September.

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“It’s fulfilling and a lot of fun.”

Product Manager Nico on his apprenticeship as trainer at the WOM ACADEMY

20. June, 2018 Apprenticeships, Work at WOM

Our employees should receive the best possible support – according to this motto, the continuing education offers of WOM ACADEMY have been set up. On the customer side, as a full service OEM provider, we successfully bring marketing managers, sales representatives, and service technicians up to the latest level of expertise for the use and maintenance of our device technology.

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