WOM is celebrating: Expansion of the Cleanroom Facility is completed

Additional cleanroom production area

19. October, 2017 General

“And here we meet again” – something many a guest who already participated in the opening ceremony for the cleanroom facility in July 2014 probably was thinking. As a result of the continuing growth in the area of medical disposables, an expansion of the cleanroom facility was unavoidable.

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Job Portrait: Cleanroom Production Employee

A future-proof opportunity for professionals and career changers

14. September, 2017 Job Portrait, Work at WOM
WOM Cleanroom Production Employee Sandy Paschold
Cleanroom Production Employee Sandy Paschold

WOM Ludwigsstadt uses state-of-the-art production processes to manufacture equipment and accessories for medical technology and exports them all over the world. The department with the most employees is at the Oberfranken location – the certified cleanroom facility with more than 80 employees, in which plastic parts are manufactured, assembled, and packaged under very special conditions.

Sandy Paschold, who has been working for WOM in the cleanroom area for over 7 years now, reports on what exactly a cleanroom is and what it is like to work in such a facility.

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WOM: Topping-out ceremony in Ludwigsstadt

Completed shell of the cleanroom expansion

18. April, 2017 General

Not even three years have passed since the opening ceremony of the impressive cleanroom facility with an investment of 3.9 million euros. The general building, which was awarded the prestigious “Lean and Green Award” in 2015, has already produced remarkable production figures: 1.5 million tube sets, about 2 million filter housings, and about 3.2 million tube connectors have been made since then and shipped around the world.

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