Agile Product Development at WOM

Agile Product Development at WOM

High motivation, better output, satisfied customers

27. November, 2020 General, Products, Research & Development

Software projects rarely end the way they were initially planned. The experience with the development of complex projects in medical technology shows: During the process, requirements often change unexpectedly and significantly. Rigid approaches are slow and costly in finding a solution. WOM therefore relies on a method that is designed to be flexible and allows for changes even during the course of the project: agile product development.

Agility means a modern form of work organization, the aim of which is in particular flexibility, adaptability and rapid development in short (iterative) cycles that gradually approach the solution. By frequently delivering work results to the customer, required changes can be identified and implemented early on. Processes are deliberately kept lean. The development no longer resembles a long-distance run, but takes place in sprints.

Regular communication with each other and with the client, a high level of transparency and openness to change are central to agile organizations. Teams have a high degree of personal responsibility, self-management and freedom of decision. WOM offers its employees the necessary culture of openness as an important prerequisite for the success of agile methods. However, customers must follow suit as well and adapt to a changed way of working.

In the end, success is determined by reduced development costs, a shortened time-to-market, and higher personal satisfaction of all involved. “Winning with your customers“: We achieve this value best with agile product development.


Xenia Rabe-Lehmann

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