Prof. Dr. Martin Strik

5. WOMFORUM at Blackmore’s in Berlin on January 11

Innovation management in the hospital

19. January, 2018 Medicine

This year’s 5th WOMFORUM was attended by over 30 guests from the WOM referral network. The invited guest speaker was Prof. Dr. Martin Strik, Chief Physician of General, Visceral, and Oncological Surgery at the HELIOS Hospital Berlin-Buch. He talked about “Innovation Management in the HELIOS Clinic Chain – the Road to the Hospital 2025.”

The 112 HELIOS clinics in Germany, and their 72,000 employees, are faced with the task of offering top-quality medicine economically in an increasingly difficult environment.

With forward-looking ideas, the corporate structure must be sufficiently transformable to satisfy patient and employee needs. Increasingly, more strategic partnerships are required to identify and implement innovation potential at an early stage. From this, the key to success for “the hospital 2025” is developed. The following questions were discussed by Prof. Strik in his lecture:

  • Innovation formats of the HELIOS clinics?
  • What obstacles must be overcome during the implementation?
  • How can new ideas be introduced into established organizational structures?
  • How will “the hospital 2025” be structured?

The presentation of “the hospital 2025” was of special interest. Here, Prof. Strik was able to show new, exciting ideas on how patients will be treated and hospital employees will carry out their work.

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