Stefan Kürbis, SVP HR & Innovation Management at Bionnale


WOM Supports Life Science Event with a Lecture

17. May, 2017 Trends Medical Technology

The most important biotech and pharmaceutical meeting in the health sciences Berlin-Brandenburg – health capital cluster has been expanded over the past year to include medical technology and has developed into a cross-industry life science event with international participation. In addition to a program of lectures, company and project presentations in organized matchmaking meetings explore potential partnerships and possible synergies between actors from science, industry, and application.

WOM is participating for the second year with a presentation during XV. BIONNALE 2017 and reports on new technologies in the field of Minimally Invasive Surgery:  Innovations in insufflation and pump area, 4K camera designs, instruments for MIS, the latest HF and stapling technologies.

Stefan Kürbis, Senior VP Global HR & Innovation Management gives an overview on the global equipment and instrument market and displays the latest trends. What can surgeons expect as new technologies? How do medical technology companies adjust to the needs of doctors and the healthcare system in the future? The lecture provides insights and answers and outlines all-important technologies for Minimally Invasive Surgery.

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