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WOM in BigShoe Team

WOM receives shoe with the number 9

24. May, 2017 Sustainability

The surprise for WOM employees was fantastic: Today, the original BigShoe with a WOM design was handed over in a solemn ceremony. It is a symbol of the company’s commitment to the activities of the BigShoe initiative to help sick children.

The shoe is unique, hand sewn, and developed in close consultation between WOM, BigShoe, and a shoemaker in the Allgäu region. It features the number 9, which stands in football for the classic middle-striker position. Oliver Kupka, Managing Director of WOM, emphasized that it should be an incentive for us as a company to come out to help even more children in need by means of sporting activities and the active promotion of donations.

Great examples are the WOM trainees in Ludwigsstadt, who had earned 310 euros by coming together to bake and then sell muffins, and the Ludwigsstadt winners of the Innovation Prize 2016. They had organized a meal for their colleagues from their 1,000 euro prize money and donated the considerable remainder of around 700 euros to BigShoe. WOM Managing Directors Dr. Clemens Scholz and Oliver Kupka were able to hand over a big check to BigShoe.

BigShoe founder Dr. Igor Wetzel and manager Sybille Bergert provided an update about the current projects. They were accompanied by Joachim Umbach, former chief editor of the newspaper Schwäbische Zeitung, who took the WOM staff to Tanzania in a moving presentation. For many years, he has been a co-worker of two surgeons, who help children with severe burns or leg injuries. They put their heart and soul into their work for a good cause, spend their entire annual vacation doing this, and operate without pay – the reward are the happy children and families in Tanzania. Since an operation still costs around 300 euros, BigShoe and its sponsors step up. WOM is proud to be part of the team.

Xenia Rabe-Lehmann

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