Girls‘ Day 2019 at WOM

How we bring girls closer to technical professions

30. April, 2019 Apprenticeships

Once again this year a Girls’ Day took place at WOM in Ludwigsstadt. This event serves to introduce girls to trade occupations and to show them which different occupational fields there are.

This year the Girls’ Day took place on March 28. Three girls were able to get a taste of the working life of a mechatronics engineer, cutting machine operator, and industrial mechanic.

They were also given the chance to try out the work themselves, for example they soldered their name, turned a ring, milled a cube, and filed a mobile phone holder. After the girls had finished everything, there was a follow-up discussion. You could really tell that they had fun and are also very interested in the professions. On the whole, one can say that Girls` Day was a complete success.

Fabian Seifert

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