Osteoporosis Check at WOM

Event Day in Ludwigsstadt

Osteoporosis check with Barmer GEK

12. April, 2018 General, Work at WOM

As a manufacturer of medical devices, WOM is not only interested in the health of its patients, but especially in the health of its own employees. Therefore, another action day took place on March 22, 2018 at the Ludwigsstadt location in the context of the company health management.

This time, participants were able to undergo an osteoporosis check to measure bone density.

“Already at the age of 30, humans reached the maximum of bone density. Steady bone loss starts at the latest after the 35th year of life.”

Event Day at WOM in LudwigsstadtUsing a modern ultrasound-based procedure, the personal risk of bone breakage was determined and employees were given valuable tips on how to avoid osteoporosis (bone loss) in old age.

The measurements lasted 15 minutes and were supervised by Barmer GEK on site. As always, participation by WOM employees was lively and everyone made extensive use of individual advice.


Steffi Grau

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