Interview with Embedded Software Engineer René


Portrait of two software engineers

4. January, 2018 Job Portrait, Work at WOM

On its job portal TALENT BERLIN, the Berlin partner offers beginners, experienced professionals and New Berliners valuable information about working and living in Berlin. And exciting job portraits can be found there as well.

For WOM, René explains how fulfilling the day-to-day work of an embedded software engineer is in the field of insufflation. He sympathetically describes how it is software that brings a technical product to life – always fascinating to him and as a child he thought of this as “magical.” His detailed interview including image section is available at #berlinjobs.

Christopher, Embedded Software Engineer at WOM“Stories that are moving”: Colleague Christopher, software engineer in the field of pumps, reveals how and why he came to Berlin, and gives tips on what a New Berliner should not miss out on. If you want to be in the know (even if you are a long-established Berlin resident), visit TALENT BERLIN and go to “Successfully Arrived.”


Xenia Rabe-Lehmann

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