Trainee Lea bei WOM

“I know I am in good hands here at WOM”

How Lea has experienced the first weeks of her training as an industrial clerk

4. October, 2018 Apprenticeships

WOM has been one of the largest training companies in Ludwigsstadt for decades. Currently, 16 young people are being trained in seven occupations. What they find exciting about the company WOM and the medical technology industry, is summarized by 19-year-old Leah.

Lea, how did you become aware of WOM?

By a longtime employee of WOM, he went to the barbershop where my mother works. He spoke of the available apprenticeships at WOM. My mother passed the information on to me, so I immediately sent in my application.

Why did you choose training as an industrial clerk?

You get to know all areas of a company, not just parts of it. Later, one can build on this training with a degree or further education. Previously, I decided to study, but I left university because I can be more independent with an apprenticeship and I know I am in good hands here at WOM.

How did your first week at WOM go?

On the first day, each of the new trainees had the opportunity to introduce themselves and to create posters. We had several training sessions where we received information for the upcoming time. We were issued work clothes and safety shoes, plus college jackets and polo shirts for leisure. Through a company rally we got to know the entire company and had a lot of fun doing it. At the end of the week, took a trip to Bad Staffelstein to the climbing garden at the monastery Banz, where we also met our Berlin colleagues. It was nice to spend time with my new colleagues outside of work.

From your point of view, what makes WOM an attractive training company?

Above all, I was interested in working at a company in the medical industry. The idea of ​​helping people get healthy with my work is really exciting. In addition, the healthcare industry will continue to grow and I’m sure I have found a secure job here. In addition, my father also works in this industry and I have always had some contact with this topic.

Would you also like to tell us about hobbies, Lea?

I love to listen to a lot of music, especially the 80s and 90s with such artists as Michael Jackson and Madonna. I cook and bake a lot. On my vacation, I like to go to the ocean to surf.

Many thanks for the interview!

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