WOM website now even more user-friendly

Update in design and functions

29. March, 2019 General

An increasing number of users are accessing websites from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets – for the wom.group this amounts to 35%. This changes the requirements for a website: There is more swiping and less clicking on mobile displays. The patience to wait for a page to open after clicking has fallen significantly, according to research.

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Find your clean dream job at WOM

And give yourself a new lease of life

11. February, 2019 Job Portrait, Work at WOM

WOM is hiring and is once again seeking reinforcement for our cleanroom production in Ludwigsstadt! “I found my clean dream job at WOM” is the motto in Upper Franconia. If you are in the mood for a change in your professional life and are curious about trying out something different, you should consider applying for a job in our cleanroom production department.

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