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Structured Onboarding at WOM

Full overview through digital training plan

13. December, 2019 Work at WOM

The recruiting process has successfully completed and the first day for the new employee is approaching. Now it’s time for the onboarding of the new employee. This is the ideal opportunity to confirm and reinforce the positive impression that WOM has made on the individual.

However, there are several tasks for the HR team to manage during this time – and it is often difficult to keep track of everything. That is why we offer a very important tool: A detailed onboarding plan for new employees.

The “My Personal Training Plan” ensures clearly identified processes at WOM and thus enables our new colleagues to perform quickly and comprehensively – through individual technical briefings and targeted integrations.

This training plan also increases the motivation of the new colleagues at the same time to perform well in their new role. The training courses are either taught personally or take the form of eLearning. This includes topics such as Trade Compliance, SharePoint Online, Occupational Safety or The Novanta Way.


Miriam Baierlipp

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