Prof. Ulrich Adam at WOM Laparoscopy Excellence Center Event

Strong Team in the Field of Laparoscopy

Vivantes Humboldt Clinic receives WOM Laparoscopy Excellence Center Award

9. October, 2017 General, Trends Medical Technology

The importance of WOM’s cooperation in product innovations with doctors and clinics is demonstrated by the figures: Since 2009, WOM together with the clinic staff of the Vivantes Humboldt Clinic has tested and validated 24 new products in the field of laparoscopy, which are now used worldwide in hospitals.

The direct user feedback provides valuable impulses during product development and the highest potential for ideas. Not only the clinic and manufacturer but also the patient benefit from this.

As a sign of gratitude and our close ties, WOM has officially appointed the Department of Surgery of the Vivantes Humboldt Clinic as a WOM Laparoscopy Excellence Center. Prof. Ulrich Adam, Medical Director and Head of the Department of Surgery, expressed his gratitude during a ceremony. He is proud of the fact that his team can be a part of tomorrow’s technologies right from the very start.

This was the case, for example, with the AirSeal® iFS, a completely valve-free and membrane-free trocar and insufflation system. The global technology innovation, which revolutionized minimally invasive surgery used now by renowned hospitals around the world, was tested for the first time at the Vivantes Humboldt Clinic in Berlin. By now, already 14,000 validations have been carried out for this product.


Wilma Mitzlaff

Vivantes Humboldt Klinikum is WOM Laparoscopy Excellence Center
Vivantes Humboldt Klinikum is WOM Laparoscopy Excellence Center



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