Westklinik becomes WOM Arthroscopy Excellence Center

Excellent Partnership with Westklinik

Westklinik Dahlem Named WOM Arthroscopy Excellence Center

7. July, 2017 General, Medicine

WOM attaches great importance to working closely with doctors, clinics, and research facilities in the field of life sciences during the development process of product innovations. The exchange with doctors and surgical staff is of enormous importance as the best ideas come about when people work together and the user feedback can flow directly into the product.

In the area of arthroscopy, Westklinik Dahlem in Berlin takes over this important task for WOM. The clinic has been officially named the WOM Arthroscopy Excellence Center as a sign of this special connection and appreciation.

WOM thanked the clinic staff for the excellent cooperation during an official ceremony. Since 2010, more than 6,000 documented surgical procedures have been carried out together, and more than 15 different pump, camera and lens systems have been tested, and WOM is very proud of this achievement.

But not only clinicians and manufacturers benefit from this cooperation – the patient does as well. The quality and safety of the products have risen enormously over the past 10 years, as the physician team surrounding Dr. Dirk Frauenschuh and Dr. Hein Kleihues can testify. As Dr. Kleinhues confirms: “The simpler operating and handling method shortens the duration of surgery and thus minimizes the risk of infection for the patient”.

Wilma Mitzlaff

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