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Lukas Thiel starts his training at WOM in Ludwigsstadt

12. October, 2017 Apprenticeships, Job Portrait, Work at WOM

The topic of training is taken very seriously at WOM, but at the same time it is supposed to be a lot of fun as well. Currently, 19 young people receive training at the production site in Ludwigsstadt in 8 different occupations. The 18-year-old Lukas Thiel from the Upper Franconian town of Steinberg tells of his freshly gained impressions of the start of his training as a production mechanic.

Lukas, how did you become aware of WOM?

WOM awards a fairness cup every year to the fairest team in regional youth football. In 2014, the player community Gifting, where I actively participated, received this award. For the prize award, we were invited to Ludwigsstadt and were taken on a company tour. I had liked my visit at WOM very much and immediately thought of the company after passing my university entrance exams (Abitur).

Why did you choose training as a production mechanic?

Since I always have enjoyed working with my hands and I bring technical understanding to the job, I wanted to do something in the area of assembly and production. The profession of production mechanic combines all the aspects that I find interesting. In addition, training and further education opportunities at WOM for this job are very good. WOM offers full support here.

How did your first week at WOM go?

The first day was more of a get-to-know-everybody day and included a lot of important information about the training program and our time at WOM. We were given work clothes and safety shoes and a college jacket and polo shirts for leisure. During an operations rally, we were able to get to know the entire company with all processes over the next few days. At the end of the week, we took an exciting trip.

From your point of view, what makes WOM an attractive training company?

First of all, I find it exciting to be active in a global medical technology company. But it is much more important for me, how warm and friendly WOM deals with the trainees. This was already apparent during the first application interview and was even better for me in the first week of training. The good support rounds off the training package.

Do you want to tell me your hobbies, Lukas?

Music is very important to me. I love to sing and play guitar, which I can do as a member of a choir and a band. Then I play football all the time and in the summer I like volleyball.

Thank you for the interview.


The questions were asked by Wilma Mitzlaff (WOM Berlin, Public Relations)

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