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Worth Twice as Much – Dual Studies at WOM

Power Launch: 23-year old Lisa starts with a dual course of studies at WOM

16. November, 2016 Apprenticeships, Job Portrait, Work at WOM

Lisa Wieczorek already completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at WOM before her dual course of studies in business administration. “I wanted to have solid vocational training before my professional career and I am happy to have chosen this path,” said the 23-year old from Saalfeld. “My vocational training has strengthened my belief that I should obtain a university degree and the basic skills of my vocational training is also helping me out during the first few semesters” explains Lisa W.

The Upper Franconian medical technology company WOM headquartered in Ludwigsstadt currently trains 18 young people in seven different vocations, and for the first time is a practice partner for the dual degree program. A program of dual studies links hands-on work in a company with theoretical lectures at a university. This usually takes place by alternating every 3 months. The lecture material can thus be directly applied in practice while working at a company.

Lisa W. had opted for the Cooperative State University Gera-Eisenach (DHGE). The university has been recommended to her by friends and acquaintances. But the fact that here a semester includes only up to 35 hours was also a decisive factor. Working in small groups guarantees good support and effective learning.
In addition to the short period required to obtain a degree, the financial independence is a decisive advantage in this type study for many students. After all, they receive a monthly renumeration through the training contract with the practice partners and are not dependent on student loans or government aid.

Since WOM has more than 450 employees worldwide across multiple locations, Lisa W. will be working not only in Ludwigsstadt. For example, after the next semester of theoretical courses, she will go to Berlin for a few weeks. At the local WOM head office in Berlin, she will participate in marketing activities. She is already quite familiar with the capital from her vocational training time. For commercial and industrial trainees at the Ludwigsstadt site, a stay in Berlin of several weeks is an integral part of the training plan.

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