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11. February, 2019 Job Portrait, Work at WOM

WOM is hiring and is once again seeking reinforcement for our cleanroom production in Ludwigsstadt! “I found my clean dream job at WOM” is the motto in Upper Franconia. If you are in the mood for a change in your professional life and are curious about trying out something different, you should consider applying for a job in our cleanroom production department.

Why we have a real dream job waiting for you, we asked those who are certain to know: our colleagues in the cleanroom. The result: The cleanroom is clean and quiet, the work is varied and physically not challenging. Anyone new to the team has people at their side, who were also newcomers from a wide variety of other professional areas. They know their way around and know exactly how to train new employees and introduce them to the task. No wonder that this yields a trusting work climate and many of the employees even meet before work to drink tea and exchange ideas. Moreover, most people find it a plus that working in a cleanroom has a purpose – contributing to people’s recovery with their work gives you a good feeling.

If you want to know more now: In these videos, Susanne and Franzi explain why they found their clean dream job at WOM. And if you want to become part of the team: Click here for Job ads.


Xenia Rabe-Lehmann

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