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To be spoilt for choice

23. April, 2019 General

A company is lucky when it collects so many great initiatives and projects in the course of a year that it is really difficult for the jury to select the winner(s). This variety at WOM in 2018 even led to awards being partially shared and award money doubled in this regard.

In the Innovative Project category, the Product Life Cycle Management team prevailed. A project that is extremely important for the future viability of WOM. For WOM it is a matter of completely mapping the life cycle of a product, i.e., to track from the idea to development, production, delivery, use and beyond, in the sense of possible recycling, and plan for the next generation of products accordingly at an early stage.

In or for Ludwigsstadt, the #My Cleanroom Campaign received an award. This is about the competition for talent. Especially in a region like Upper Franconia, it is getting more difficult all the time to find qualified workers, and in this project the team has tackled this challenge with a lot of creativity, charm, and initiative. And the result shows that the colleagues also had a lot of fun and joy in the implementation.

With regard to the innovative product ideas, the jury’s decision was so difficult that two ideas were awarded, which are also closely related in terms of content.

Both Simple heating & humidification tube as well as Combined fluid and temperature measurement roughly deal with achieving more with less, for example, to ensure the same or better performance despite fewer components. A win-win situation from the point of view of the product, and for the winners this meant “shared victory, double the award.”

When it comes to innovative engagement, there was an exciting head-to-head race that ultimately saw a colleague win with over 1,065 innovation points and 11 ideas on the WOM InnoHub platform.

We sincerely congratulate all winners and thank them for their dedication, so that WOM will continue to be an innovator in Minimally Invasive Medicine in the future.


Dr. Peter Westerhoff

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