Hauke Naujok, IHK Berlin/Oliver Kupka, WOM

I² Study of IHK – what is behind it?

CFO Oliver Kupka takes part in panel discussion

28. June, 2017 General

International and innovative SMEs are the driving force behind economic growth in our capital. But who exactly are these companies? What are their strategies for success? And what can politics do to keep the location of Berlin attractive for successful SMEs?

These questions were discussed at IHK Berlin in more than 40 personal discussions with the CEOs of successful SMEs from Berlin. IHK Berlin collected the exciting answers and prepared them for the publication “I² – International and Innovative.” The result of this study were presented to the public on June 28, 2017 at Ludwig-Erhard Haus.

WOM CFO Oliver Kupka was invited to a panel discussion during this event. The following questions were discussed with high-ranking participants from the area of politics and business:

Is Berlin as a business location a sufficiently dynamic partner?

What are the (political) set-screws with which the Berlin champions presented in the study can secure their market leadership?

Will Berlin’s small and medium-sized companies continue to find room for their company growth in the growing city?

WOM is explicitly committed to change – how does WOM take on new developments in the social and business environment and actively shape these?

WOM received a commemorative plaque from IHK Berlin as a small thank-you for its participation.

Wilma Mitzlaff

Event I²-Study of IHK
Event I²-Study of IHK

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