WOM at Teamstaffellauf 2018

Team Relay Race 2018 WOM with five teams at the starting line

Great mood and great results

26. June, 2018 General

In sports as at work: Teamwork is a top priority at WOM. “One for all, all for one” reigned supreme once more at the Berlin Team Relay Race for which five teams had registered this year. 5 x 5 x 5 was the motto: 5 teams with 5 runners at 5 kilometers per person.

The Team Relay Race has become a real institution in Berlin. Spread across three evenings, a total of 5,935 teams with 29,680 participants were on the road in the Tiergarten. In brilliant sunshine, temperatures of 32 degrees in the shade, colorful jerseys and cheerleader pompoms, there was an exuberant mood like in the sunny south.

WOM joined with a mixed team from Ludwigsstadt, Hong Kong and Berlin. Even one of the board members of the parent company Novanta from the USA was there to cheer us on. Between team 1 and 4, the race became very exciting, the runners had partly run head to head. Two and a half minutes to the finish, however, was the time of team 1 (see photo). Each of the five super fast received a gold medal and secured his or her place on the WOM Cup. But of course, all the other WOMBELs also received a medal, depending on their ranking. Ultimately, it is important that everyone had fun and enjoyed each other’s company, arrived safely and can remember this day with joy.

  • First place with a time of 2:05:43 for WOMBELs 1 day ranking 282 / overall ranking 885
  • Second place with a time of 2:08:19 for WOMBELs 4 day ranking 376 / overall ranking 1,160
  • Third place  with a time of 2:14:04 for WOMBELs 3 day ranking 595 / overall ranking 1884
  • Fourth place  with a time of 2:32:44 for WOMBELs 5 day ranking 1414/ overall ranking 4528
  • Fifth place  with a time of 2:32:50 for WOMBELs 2 day ranking 1,417 / overall ranking 4539


Jessika Uhr/Xenia Rabe-Lehmann

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