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Further Education at WOM: Digital and State-of-the-Art

16. July, 2018 General

The signs of the times point to digitization. That’s not new. However, the latest acquisition of the WOM ACADEMY is new. With the keywords “compact and flexible,” it is advertised on the Internet. There is talk of trendy tablets, which will now be used in the course of training.

So far, internal training was as follows: the presentation first, then the written knowledge query. The big rustling with paper began, pens were passed on. The questionnaires had to be prepared in advance and printed, were then collected again and evaluated by hand.
A time and cost expenditure that is always on the rise in view of the ever-growing number of employees. Not to mention the environmental impact ….

While in the private sphere, the increase in importance of digital media is a matter of course and many are already looking for Pokémons with their smartphone via augmented reality, WOM now uses this digital media specifically for our learning processes.

In future, our tests will no longer be done with paper and pencil but via tablet. It’s simple, fast and intuitive.


Miriam Baierlipp

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