WOM: Flying WOMBLs at Velothon Berlin

3rd place for WOM at Velothon Berlin 2018

The Flying WOMBELs were successful again

14. June, 2018 Work at WOM

The Velothon took place this year in Berlin during nice weather with pleasant temperatures. The WOM team participated for the 7th time, this year with 16 Flying WOMBELs.

We met at 7:15 in the morning at the company and then cycled to our starting blocks as a warm-up. Although we all had to get up early and that on a weekend, we did this gladly and voluntarily since we all enjoyed the event so what’s a little hardship when there is so much fun to be had.

Our fastest once again started from the front row at 7:40 AM, all other from the company block started at 7:50 AM.

With ideal sunshine and little wind, all were highly motivated on the route through Berlin. This year we had 63.5 km to finish. We expected fast times due to the good weather and the great atmosphere.

This year, everyone crossed the finish line safely and without breakdowns. Our long-standing jinx Lukasz was the quickest of us all and finished with 1:31:39 h and was among the top cyclists, finishing as number 35.
Our only Flying “WOMBELine” finished as 49th with a time of 1:48:35 h this year in the overall¬† ranking. We took 3rd place in the company scoring, an improvement of five places from the previous year.

After the race, we all met along the river Spree behind the company and recuperated from the race with isotonic beverages.


Konrad Andert

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