Girls'Day at WOM - Girls' having fun

Girls’Day – Girls’ Having Fun

WOM supports Girls‘Day for years

4. April, 2016 Apprenticeships, Work at WOM

Businesses, enterprises and universities throughout Germany open their doors to students from the 5th grade and higher on Girls’Day.

The girls then learn about professions with training and internships as well as courses of study in the fields of IT, trades, applied science, and technology which are areas where women are currently underrepresented. Or they meet female role models in leadership positions in business and politics.

Since the start of the action in the year 2001, a total of about 1.7 million girls took part.

WOM also has supported this action for years and informs in schools or invites students to practice days at the company. In the Upper Franconian region, different stations are set up locally during school evens where possible to illustrate basic hands-on activities in the area of soldering, sawing, or drilling.

The events in the production facility of Ludwigsstadt offer far more possibilities. Here, lathes and milling machines in the training workshop are available, and students can use these to create and work on small pieces. Of course, students can take their pieces home as a souvenir for their day at WOM. Since WOM already has girls participating in training programs for technical occupations, these ladies are available to technically interested young women for help and advice. Of course, there are also tips and reports on the training routine. In addition to the great volume of information about the various technical occupations and opportunities for further education, such a day should also be fun and entertaining.

Wilma Mitzlaff

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