Start your professional life with WOM

Start your professional Life with WOM

Tamara Wachter starts her training in Ludwigsstadt

9. September, 2016 Apprenticeships, Work at WOM

Currently, 20 young people receive training at the production site in Ludwigsstadt in 10 different occupations or with a dual studies program. Tamara Wachter from Steinwiesen tells of her freshly gained impressions concerning the start of training in September as an industrial clerk.

Tamara, how did you become aware of WOM?

We compared companies in the region that provide training as part of an application school project. Since WOM has an industrial clerk training program, and since this was the professional I picked, my interest was immediately sparked.

Why did you choose training as an industrial clerk?

I had participated in some student internships in the areas of elderly care, retail, child care, and administration to find out what I like. I enjoyed office work very much right from the start. In addition, I had visited the business school in Lichtenfels, something that gave me a good head start. This type of training seemed to offer the most perspectives among the other business-related professions.

How did your first week at WOM go?

The start of training was incredibly varied and I had a lot of fun. On the first day, we were able to get to know each other and our instructors provided us with all of the important information related to our training. Next day, we took a trip to the Leipzig canoe park where you can show how courageous you are when white water rafting. Back at WOM we started with a company rally where we were able to become familiar with the company processes and the different departments and employees – all in a game-like setting.

From your point of view, what makes WOM an attractive training company?

For me, it’s the great support and assistance as well as the attention paid to all trainees. You notice right from the outset a strong tie with the company and the teams, something I like very much. Of course, there is also the car that is made available to the best trainee of the second year and the several weeks spend at the Berlin site, which is a fixed item in the training plan.

WOM supports many sporting activities. Is there something you would like to be part of?

Since I am a passionate jogger, the Berlin relay race at the Tiergarten seems to be a natural choice. A group made up of running enthusiasts from the Ludwigsstadt site takes a trip every year to Berlin to support the local teams.

We wish you much success in your training and thank you for the interview.

The questions were asked by Wilma Mitzlaff (WOM Berlin, Public Relations)

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